Reading List for March 18, 2017

Too Terrible for Television Over at Tedium, Ernie Smith writes about long-dead custom of running expensive pilot episodes for shows that didn’t pan out as one-offs over the summer recoup some of the losses they created for the network. Tedium is worth checking out, fyi.

A Mystery with a Shocking Twist: Death by Indoor Lightning The good people over at Popular Science recount the grisly mysterious death of a man working on a home renovation who was found burned to death, though there was no evidence of a fire. The title kind of gives away what happened.

Searching for California’s Lost Viking Treasure Ship Newsweek has an interesting story about yarns, specifically a yarn about a treasure ship that sailed into California centuries ago and became stranded in the desert.

Serial Killers Should Fear this Algorithm Bloomberg Businessweek of all places ran a good article about a former journalist who in his retirement is running crime statistics from the FBI through an algorithm that turns up previously overlooked serial killers around the country. The U.S. seems to have no shortage in supply.

Is Facebook a Structural Threat to Free Society? TruthHawk lays out a pretty convincing case that Mark Zuckerberg may, inadvertently or otherwise, evolve into the world’s first genuine supervillain.

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