Reading List for March 24, 2017

NASA’s Successful Quantifying of Comedy Timing Penn Jillette attends a rocket launch.

In Retrospect: Yoko Ono is a Fucking Genius Faraz Rizvi brings what has long been an unpopular (though veracious) argument into the mainstream.

Ending the Empathy Gap In Jacobin Magazine, Clio Chang proposes a thoughtful reason for ignoring the bellicose call to arms Frank Rich recently issued for liberals to go ahead and hate the everyday Joe members of the Right right back.

Jimmy ‘Superfly Snuka’ and the Mysterious Death of Nancy Argentino The local paper for Allentown, PA recounts the extremely suspicious cold case death of the girlfriend of an early-80s wrestling star, which was never fully investigated.

The Last Hollow Laugh Francis Fukuyama, the social thinker who gave the world the End of History and whose reputation’s guts are splayed all over the late 1990s as a result, is reconsidered in light of recent events, chiefly the ascendance of Trump.

National Review in the Wilderness The liberal magazine the New Republic takes the opportunity to gloat over the stumbling block Trumpism has posed for its conservative rival the National Review. The new populism that has raised Trump runs in large part contrary to the National Review’s celebrated principled stance and the New Republic tries not to appear to be having fun watching the other magazine bend over backwards to rectify itself with the new era.






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