WWII Espionage Through Chess Games? Mmmaybe

The Spy Who Checkmated Me Motherboard publishes a brief investigation into the use of correspondence chess as a means of cloaking secret communiques during the World Wars. Turns out, it didn’t happen all that much.

American Murder Mystery Never one to shy away from a difficult assignment, Hannah Rosin writes (in 2008) about the spread of crime from the inner city to the suburbs and why criminologists believe it was the Section 8 program, long regarded a triumph of social services in the U.S., that was responsible.

Accidental Therapists A visit with the entomologists of university research stations, whose jobs have come to also include dealing with cases of delusional parasitosis.

The Edmund Fitzgerald: The Shipwreck that Never Gave Up Her Dead On the Cult of Weird, Charlie Hintz writes briefly about the wreck (complete with eerie pictures and a newscast from 1994) in Lake Superior.

The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory In the introduction to her 2000 book on the subject, Cynthia Heller expounds upon the fictitiousness of a past where women dominated human social networks – we simply don’t know if that has ever been the case – not to destabilize feminist movements, but to disabuse them from rallying around themes that are uncertain and possibly untrue.

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