Reading List for April 14, 2017

Shameless, Villainous and Wicked: A Keller Family History In a 2014 article in The Appendix, Kevin Keller looks into the reality of a story from his family lore, concerning the death of a young West Point cadet at the hands of Keller’s great-grandfather.

What Did Cedric Robinson Mean by Racial Capitalism? In the Boston Review, Robin D.G. Kelley writes an overdue obituary for a black intellectual who considered capitalism as an outgrowth and modernization, not a replacement, of feudalism.

Mummies Take Manhattan The New Yorker takes a casual stroll into the Museum of Natural History’s ongoing mummies exhibit, and even further back to decades past when mummies were treated with far less respect by collectors and scientists alike.

New Study Fleshes Out the Nutritional Value of Human Meat You have about a 125,822 calories in you, but that’s not the sole reason why humans have eaten other humans in the past – and, who knows, maybe in the future.

Why It’s Impossible to Calculate the Percentage of Police Shootings that Are Illegitimate Responding to a working paper released in 2016 that found almost all police shootings are justified, Radley Balko writes in the Washington Post about the biggest obstacle to a clear picture of the justifiability of police shootings: that the police who did the shooting are the ones who write the reports the data is based on.

‘The Killing of Osama bin Laden’ by Seymour Hirsch Details a Grave Threat to our Democracy A book review of┬áprize-winning investigative reporter Seymour Hirsch’s study of how the U.S. actually caught up with Osama bin Laden and one that greatly contradicts the official story recounted in Zero Dark Thirty.

The False Promise of Universal Basic Income In Dissent Magazine, Alyssa Battistoni jumps aboard the left-leaning guaranteed basic income bandwagon to stop the music and ask why there are so many neocons and technocrats on board too.

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