Reading List For April 28, 2017

Free Peanuts on Airplanes Started Out As A Marketing Ploy About the Golden Age of Air Travel, when giving away free snacks was standard among all airlines.


Danes Killed to Get Killed Niels Ebdrup writes about a quirk of the Protestant Reformation that some Nordic countries experienced where extremely devout, but suicidal, people would commit murder so that the state would execute them.

If Oregon Can Give Death With Dignity, Why Can’t Death Row?  Tamara Tabo explores the connection between physician-assisted suicide and executions by the state and comes to some unsettling conclusions.

How Satanism Works Henry Makow has figured it out.

The Origin of the World’s Dumbest Idea An article about the origin of Milton Friedman’s idea that the entire point of the corporation is to make money for shareholders at any cost, an idea that’s created a lot of horribleness in the world.

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