Reading List for May 21, 2017

The FBI Is Not Your Friend In the midst of liberal FBI-cheerleading following the firing of director James Comey, Branko Marcetic takes the opportunity to go over some of the Bureau’s past and present transgressions.

Novel Antibiotic Recipes Could Be Hidden in Medieval Medical Texts Erin Connelly writes about a project to cull lost pharmacological knowledge from ancient texts, which has already proven successful once.

The World Is Now Convinced that Avril Lavigne Is Dead The AV Club covers an urban legend with legs.

40,000-Year-Old Bracelet Made by Extinct Human Species Found A perplexing find, since jewelrymaking is a skill thought to have developed in humans just 10,000 years ago.

Dildo of Damocles In The Awl, Mark Hay looks at the emerging awareness of hackable sex toys and the legal and criminal issues they raise.

Thousands of Second Life Bunnies Are Going to Starve to Death This Saturday If the headline didn’t make you curious, there’s nothing I can add that will.

Poisoning Daddy In a 1996 article in Texas Monthly, legendary crime journalist Skip Hollandsworth, recounts some high school unpleasantness.

3 thoughts on “Reading List for May 21, 2017

  1. Hi Josh! I don’t know if you read the comments here but I wanted to recommend some of David Bromwich’s stuff (if you haven’t read him). He’s a great critic and he’s written some articles lately it seems to me that you’d like.
    P.S., you may have read some of his stuff when he blogged for HuffPo–he was probably the most strident critic (from the left) of Obama’s civil liberties and foreign policies


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