Reading List for June 23, 2017

Death of a Pig In a heartful 1948 essay published in The Atlantic, E.B. White writes about making the transition from one who raises a hog for slaughter to one who nurses a sick pig as it is dying.

Interstellar Travel as Delusional Fantasy Ed Regis pulls back the curtain on traveling to other stars to show that it would be far, far more challenging than we tend to allow.

The Tricky Ethics of Intergalactic Colonization In Wired, Charles C Mann (author of 1491 and 1493) gets into the economics behind voyaging beyond our planet by comparing it to early exploration by Chinese and European outfits.

How a Wildfire Kicked Up a 45,000 Foot Column of Flames In Popular Science, Kyle Dickman covers an investigation by Los Alamos researchers into what created a “blow up” in a 2011 wildfire that caused it to suddenly grow in power exponentially.

Night of the Living Dead In a 1969 review, Roger Ebert writes about the pre-adolescent audience’s reaction to this classic horror film.

The Exorcist On History Today, Nick Cull critiques The Exorcist and adds context to the world it was released into and the book it was based on.

Indifference Is a Power On Aeon, Lary Williams writes about Stoicism, the classical Greek philosophy that encourages focusing on the very few things that are in an individual’s control in order to remain steady when faced with circumstances beyond one’s control.


I’m always looking for things to read. If you know an interesting article, send it to me at


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