Reading List for June 30, 2017

The Dream Hoarders The Boston Review publishes an eye-opening, well-thought-out essay by Richard V Reeves about how the upper 20% of Americans – including conservatives and liberals – protects the privilege and advantages their kids inherit by birth.

Grace Jones: “God, I’m Scary. I’m Scaring Myself” In a 2010 article in The Guardian, Simon Hattenstone spends some time with Grace Jones as she prepares for a photo shoot.

How Do Food Manufacturers Calculate the Calorie Count of Packaged Foods? Prepare yourself for a quick, interesting explanation by a professor of nutrition in Scientific American.

Why Do Taxonomists Write the Meanest Obituaries? In Nautilus, Ansel Payne writes about the unique, almost open-source international rules for describing and naming new species, rules that have allowed for prolific incompetents to run amok in the field.

Killer Robots: A New Reason to Worry About Ethics Patrick Lin speaks with a trio of philosophers who argue regardless of how technically proficient and flawless they may become, autonomous weapons could never be ethically deployed.

Would Your Dog Eat You if You Died? On Nat Geo’s Gory Details blog, Erika Engelhaupt writes about forensic cases of dogs scavenging their owners’ corpses when they died in their homes.

The End is Not Near JL Schellenberg writes about our tendency to think about the depth of time, but mostly only looking backward; we have a lot to master about looking forward into deep time.

“Hi, Dad” California Father Buries Wrong Man After Coroner Says His Son Is Dead Things got real fucked up for one family in Orange County.

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