Reading List for July 7, 2017

‘We Don’t Have Rule of Law’: Barrett Brown on Incarceration, Journalism and His Next Steps Imprisoned journalist Barrett Brown talks to Truthout about the autonomy of the officials who run the US prison system.

The Eternal Mummy Princesses Discover writes about several well-preserved mummies found throughout the world and what they’ve told archaeologists and anthropologists about their cultures.


India’s Turtles Clean Up the Ganges In a 1992 article, John Stackhouse covers a program that releases flesh-eating turtles to rid the Ganges of the decaying human corpses polluting the river.

The Strange History of Ransomware On Practically Unhackable, Alina Simone writes about the first ransomware, which was spread by mail on floppy disks by an evolutionary biologist.

When the Beast of Gevaudan Terrorized France Smithsonian looks into a series of wolf attacks that were responsible for the grisly deaths of scores of people and gripped the 18th-century French public.

Psychics Who Hear Voices Could Be Onto Something In The Atlantic, Joseph Frankel writes about research that is investigating why people who self-identify as psychics who are guided by voices don’t suffer from the condition and, as a result, tend not to be diagnosed with schizophrenia.

How 100 Degrees Does a Number on You In National Geographic, Susan Brink describes the processes of dying from heat and thirst.

Modern Art Was Used as a Torture Technique in Prison Cells During the Spanish Civil War Open Culture writes about using Dada to make you go cray-cray.

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