Reading List for July 14, 2017

How Western Civilization Could Collapse On BBC Future, Rachel Newer reads the tea leaves soaked in our geopolitical climate and points out some ways the West could realistically fizzle or explode.

Car Crash Fetish In an oddly-constructed and interesting 2003 essay in OC Weekly, Nathan Callahan ties together a famous SoCal car accident photographer, crucifixion, and the fetish for witnessing car wrecks thought up by novelist JG Ballard.

How Post-Horror Movies Are Taking Over Cinema In The Guardian, Steve Rose writes about the emerging new type of horror films that eschew jump scares and rely instead on subtler techniques like slow-simmering dread to bring the audience to truly dark places.

The History of Creepy Dolls A longform article in Smithsonian that attempts to understand why dolls can so deeply unsettle us.

On the Psychology of the Uncanny (PDF) In a 16-page essay written in 1906, German psychiatrist Ernst Jentsch lays out in an approachable manner the basis for what it is that creeps us out.

Decades After Woman Jumped From Plane, Skeletal Remains May Solve Her Disappearance The Miami Herald updates a story that began in 1994 when a woman jumped from an airplane during an aerial photography flight.

Traveling With A Facial Difference Blogger and speaker Dawn Shaw writes about her experiences when traveling abroad as a facially different person and includes helpful tips for facially normal people about what not to do when encountering a facially different person.

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