Reading List for July 21, 2017

Cheng I Sao, Female Pirate Extraordinaire JSTOR Daily briefly covers a Chinese pirate woman who swashbuckled around the turn of the 19th century and commanded a pirate confederation 70,000 strong.

You’re Probably Wrong On The Logic of Science, Fallacy Man writes about how to train yourself to think critically and emerge, better off in the long run, from the echo chambers that you surely live in.

Texture Is the Final Frontier in Food Science Popular Science looks over a long-overlooked aspect of flavor.

MTV News and the Threats to Negative Criticism Amanda Petrusich writes about a piece of mildly negative professional criticism about the music of Chance the Rapper that the artist and his publicist had MTV’s news site delete.

Dagen H The Wikipedia entry for the 1967 day when Sweden switched from being a left-hand driving to a right-hand driving nation.

Can A Machine Be Alive? In the Los Angeles Review of Books Julien Crockett writes about the longstanding human relationship with robots and other automated facsimiles of us.

1801: Chloe Executed Today commemorates the execution date of a teenage slave who murdered two children in her care as revenge for treatment from the woman who owned her.

Why the First Complete Map of the Ocean Floor Is Stirring Controversial Waters Smithsonian investigates how a new proposal to accurately map the undersea terrain worldwide will open the oceans up to both science and the mining industry.

Flatworm Travels to Space With One Head, Comes Back With Two This isn’t really supposed to happen.

Welcome the ‘Truth In Death’ Movement In a short essay in the Boston Globe Renee Graham, writes about the early death of alcohol- and drug- addicted actor Nelsen Ellis and how his family has not taken the usual steps to discreetly cover up what led to Ellis’ death.



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