Reading List for August 4, 2017

Who Moved My Ability to Reason? In a 2005 article, Barbara Ehrenreich reviews Who Moved My Cheese? and other like-minded self-help-for-business titles, boiling down their wisdom into five essential principles.

Was Ralph Waldo Emerson Our First Motivational Speaker? In a 2001 essay in VQR, Sanford Pinsker wonders what’s in the title.

An Illegal Monument The Washington Post chronicles the conundrum raised for the Parks Service when a privately-laid monument honoring executed Nazi spies was discovered on public land.

Should We Stop Keeping Pets? Why More and More Ethicists Say Yes The Guardian looks in on a growing awareness that animals have much richer inner lives than we previously realized and what this means for keeping them as hostages pets.

Dogs Are People, Too Neural researcher Gregory Berns writes an essay about how MRIs are revealing the emotional intellect of dogs.

After Four Months at Sea, Ghost Ship Washes Up with 11 Corpses in Barbados A 2006 article in The Guardian chronicles the voyage of migrants from West Africa who died at sea.

PB&J: The and Fall of an Iconic American Dish Historian Steve Estes has been thinking a lot about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches lately.

Aristocratic Villains and English-Speaking Nazis: Why Hollywood Loves Cliched Accents On Babbel Magazine, James Lane writes about why accents are easy shorthand to use when characterizing a villain.

One thought on “Reading List for August 4, 2017

  1. Hi Josh,
    Nice shows, been listening to one about MS. Symptoms may be closely related to Cat Scratch Disease which I found out could be treated and was given antibiotics for in 2014. Wow so much is being learned about the demyelination associated with MS and Cat Scratch Disease. Thanks for bring it up that one may be so easily assumed for being drunk or on drugs for pleasure not meds for a Disease. Lots is being studied about Bartonella Henselae these days and it even made it to emerging Disease status at the CDC. Only recently have blood tests and antibiotics been developed for it and many people don’t even know that there is a proven treatment to end individual progression of the disease. Just thought you might want to give it a look to see if you could say something to spread the word of cure for the Cat Scratch Disease also known as car Scratch fever.


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