Reading List for September 8, 2017

An Outlandish Generosity Dougald Hine reviews two volumes of fairy tales and epics compiled by Martin Shaw and the role they play in a world where reality is increasingly difficult to face.

The School Beneath the Wave: The Unimaginable Tragedy of Japan’s Tsunami For The Guardian, Richard Lloyd Parry writes about a small town where 84 of 89 teachers and students at the local elementary school died during the 2011 tsunami.

Hermenaut: Philip K Dick A 2011 article on the sci-fi author with the aim of laying out his peculiar worldview based on his life and his writing.

Dr Death In Dallas Magazine, Matt Goodman writes about a shockingly incompetent and dangerously careless neurosurgeon who left a string of maimed and dead patients in his wake before he was put in jail.

Tricks of the Trade: An Interview with Alfred McCoy A lengthy interview with an expert on the global heroin trade results in a thorough explanation of the CIA’s role in bolstering and developing it.

Frog Goes Extinct, Media Yawns In a 2016 article, Jeremy Hance writes about the largely overlooked extinction of the fringe-limbed tree frog.

Could the Secret Service Have Saved JFK? In Vanity Fair, Susan Cheever writes about the possibility that hangovers contributed to JFK’s death.

Honey, You’re Scaring the Kids Rebecca Onion writes about the lasting effect of of the mid-1980s made-for-TV movie about the nuclear holocaust, the Day After.

I’m always looking for things to read. If you know an interesting article, send it to me at

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