Reading List for September 15, 2017

The Man Who Gave Himself Away On Mosaic, Michael Regnier writes about George Price, the economist who discovered a formula for altruism and subsequently gave away all of his possessions.

Dead End at Toms River: A Bizarre Murder Mystery A strangely grisly corner of the world is profiled by writer Maury Z Levy in an article originally published in Philadelphia Magazine in the 1970s.

London’s Great Stink Heralds a Wonder of the Industrial World In The Guardian, Emily Mann writes about the deadly-polluted Thames of the 19th century, which was revived through a marvelous, massive sewer project.


The Coming of Age Con On Aeon, Cody Delistraty writes about the fundamental flaw in the idea that maturity is a point one can reach and a state that one can live within.

A Humanely Killed Animal Is Still Killed – And That Is Wrong On Aeon, Anna E Charlton and Gary Francione destabilize the longstanding viewpoint that an animal cannot desire to continue to live and hence humanely killing it is a morally acceptable act.

Tripe: Either You Like It Or You Don’t in a 1979 article in the Washington Post, William Rice writes about serving the lining of the stomachs of ruminants.


I’m always looking for things to read. If you know an interesting article, send it to me at

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