Reading List for November 10, 2017

The Boy Who Liked Deer (1975) On The Haunted Closet, Brother Bill writes about a short educational film about the perils of vandalism.

Hollywood and the Downwinders Still Grapple With Nuclear Fallout In The Guardian, Rory Carroll writes about the widespread health issues developed by residents who lived downwind from the the nuclear test site, who were reassured by the government they had nothing to be concerned about.

The True Story Behind a 1970 Feminist Cult Classic On Topic, Sarah Weinman writes about the lost true crime story that Barbara Loden’s film Wanda was based on.

Taste the Rainbovine On Snopes, Dan Evon writes about the roundabout way America discovered its livestock is being raised on candy.


Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC On Politico, former interim Chair of the Democratic Party, Donna Brazille, writes about how the Clinton campaign came to fully control the DNC over a year prior to her nomination.

Who Killed Superman? In The Guardian, John Patterson looks into the theories behind the unresolved 1959 death of George Reeves, the first actor to be associated with the iconic role of Superman.

The Great Dying: New England’s Coastal Plague, 1616-1619 On CVLT Nation, Mark Laskey writes about the epidemic diseases Europeans brought with them to North America and the devastating effect they had on native populations and cultures.


I’m always looking for things to read. If you know an interesting article, send it to me at

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