Reading List for November 23, 2017

Death Trips On The Baffler, Ann Neumann writes about the rise of death doulas, non-medical professionals who assist people who are dying in order to make their death a more comfortable one, and all of the assumptions about death, faulty or wise, that profession is based on.

Time of Death: Some Patients Prefer to Die Alone On Pallimed, Lizzie Miles writes about  those people who don’t feel comfortable – even in an unresponsive state – about dying with their loved ones around them and, in a way, sneak their deaths when their families leave momentarily.


Neoliberalism and the Global Financial Crisis [Automatic PDF Download] a 2009 paper, University of Wollongong researcher Sharon Beder very clearly shows exactly how the neoliberal policies created under Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher and continued today are responsible for the enriching the wealthy at the expense of the middle and lower classes. Please read this.

The Challenge of Ball Lightning: Evidence of a Parallel Dimension? In the Journal of Scientific Exploration, Peter A Sturrock writes about science’s longstanding inability to explain ball lightning, despite numerous accounts of it, and proposes a new interpretation for it.

The Final Years of Curly In Mental Floss, Eddie Deezen writes a deeply depressing account of the declining health and death of Jerome Curly Howard, beloved Stooge, who died at age 48.

Charles Manson: The Most Dangerous Man Alive In a 1970 article in Rolling Stone, David Felton and David Dalton chronicle the life of Charles Manson and interview Manson himself, along with an assortment of those who knew and prosecuted him, providing an an extremely rich portrait of the murderous lunatic.

Is the Stupidity of Our Age Unique? On Current Affairs, Brianna Rennix and Nathan J Robinson write about the long history we humans have of being a tad dimwitted in our interests and pursuits.

Amazonia 1952: Found In The Appendix, historian Felipe Fernandes Cruz writes about his discovery in the Miami archives of Pan Am Airlines of the search and recovery of a plane that went down in the Brazilian jungle in 1952.


I’m always looking for things to read. If you know an interesting article, send it to me at



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