Reading List for January 12, 2018

5 Things That Are Better Now Because of Trump On Politico, Matt Latimer points out without darkness there can’t be light.

The Tragic Death of David Sharp On Eight Summits, Bill Burke writes about the controversial death of a climber on Everest who was passed by multiple climbers but wasn’t helped down the mountain to safety.

Edmund Fitzgerald: The Ship That Never Gave Up Her Dead On Cult of Weird, Charlie Hintz writes about the tense relationship between divers on the shipwreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and the families of the men who perished aboard it.


The S.S. Monte Carlo Uncovered By El Niño : The Sin Ship’s Legendary History On Calexplornia, “Rick” writes about storms that revealed the rusted hull of the S.S. Monte Carlo, a mob-owned gambling, prostitution and hooch ship anchored in international waters just offshore San Diego in the 1930s.

These English Factory Laborers Were Forced to Work With Toxic Chemicals Until Their Faces Became Deformed On Ranker, Melissa Sartore writes about the 19th-century makers of  Lucifer matches, ones that were produced with phosphorus, prolonged exposure to which made their teeth and jaws rot off.

Protein On the Harvard School of Public Health’s site, a post allllll about protein. Will likely make you finally get off your ass and start your New Year’s resolution.

Amid Hunt for Malaysian Plane, Ocean Swims With Missing Vessels Despite the terrible clickbait title, this article has nothing to do with MH370. It does, however, cover an immensely interesting Russian cruise liner turned ghost ship that the world’s leading experts about such matters can’t agree is still out there somewhere abandoned and sailing or sunk by now.

Forrest the Butcher On The Intercept, Liliana Segura writes about the struggle by the Memphis, Tennessee City Council which has in their quest to take down a pair of Confederate statues from public parks in town has run up against a state law that prohibits removing them.

There Shouldn’t Be Any Statues Honoring Robert E Lee Anywhere On History News Network, Ed Simon writes an emphatic essay arguing against the perception that Confederate general Robert E Lee was an honorable man.

Flat-Land Gliders In a 1988 article in the Chicago Tribune, Nickie Flynn writes about some hang gliding enthusiasts in Kansas who have to launch from moving pickup truck beds due to a pronounced lack of hills in their area.

My Year of No Shopping In the New York Times, Ann Patchett writes about the benefits to the soul of removing huge swaths of consumerism from her life for a year.

Moral Conundrums and Political Passions Peter Schjeldahl writes about the challenges posed by artists who were exploitative and predatory pieces of garbage whose works are still great.

I’m always looking for things to read. If you know an interesting article, send it to me at

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