Reading List for January 26, 2018

Consciousness Began When the Gods Stopped Speaking In Nautilus, Veronique Greenwood writes about Julian Jaynes, the outsider scientist who theorized that consciousness in humans began within just the last two thousand years.

How Did Marijuana Become Illegal In the First Place? On the Drug Policy Alliance website, Malik Burnett and Amanda Reiman write about how the original criminalization of pot back in the 1930s was a means of keeping Mexican immigrants under control.

The Fall of Travis Kalanick Was a Lot Weirder and Darker than You Thought Get your schadenfreude here.

The Story of the Abandoned Movie Ranch Where the Manson Family Launched Helter Skelter On Curbed LA, Hadley Meares writes about the Spahn Movie Ranch, once inhabited by Charles Manson and his followers who were the second cult to be drawn to the spot.

A Model Railway Journey On Cabinet, Ava Kofman writes about a massive miniature world created by two brothers in Hamburg, Germany.

His New World Michelle Jaques writes a 1970 profile of Leonard Nimoy, upon the opening of his new pet store.

Out of Control In the New York Review of Books, Richard Holmes reviews a pair of annotated versions of Frankenstein, but mainly just takes his time writing about the book and how it was written.

I’m always looking for things to read. If you know an interesting article, send it to me at

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