Reading List for April 13, 2018

The Idea of Creating a Universe In a Lab Is No Joke On Aeon, Corey S Powell writes about the physicists who are figuring out how to create new universes and the shyness they express toward philosophizing about it.

The Strange Death, and Unbreakable Code, of Ricky McCormick True Noir writes about the death of a possibly cognitively impaired, possibly mentally ill man whose body was found in a field with notes in his pocket written in a code that the most talented codebreakers in the US can’t decipher.

Civil War Mysteries: The Strange Disappearance of Harvey B Wentworth On Journal of the Bizarre, an entry about the mysterious disappearance of a private in the Union Army that’s become a D.C. legend.

New Worlds of Climate Change: The Little Ice Age and the Colonization of America On the Historical Climatology Blog, Dr Sam White writes about the additional hardship endured by European colonists (as well as the Native Americans already there) when they attempted to settle North America in the midst of a centuries-long climate disaster.


FBI Debunks Spontaneous Human Combustion On, Todd Venezia writes about the FBI investigation into the 1957 case of a woman in Tampa, Florida who appeared to spontaneously combust, leaving the room intact and leaving behind a single unburned leg.

Edward Mordrake, the Man With Two Faces On Snopes, David Emery fact checks a surprisingly old meme about a man with a second face on the back of his skull that whispered horrible shit to him.

The Two-Headed Boy of Bengal In a 2004 article in Fortean Times, Jan Bondeson covers some historic accounts of the extremely rare condition craniophagus parasiticus, a subtype of conjoined twins attached at the head where one is severely underdeveloped.

The Story of a Weird World I Was Warned Never to Tell In a BBC article, Sarah McDermott writes about a Canadian woman whose mother moved her across the country to hide from the mafia.

We Gaan: The Horror and Absurdity of History’s Worst Plane Crash On Ask the Pilot, Patrick Smith writes about a crash between two 747s on the African island of Tenerife in 1977.


I’m always looking for things to read. If you know an interesting article, send it to me at

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