Reading List for April 27, 2018

The Red Cross Won’t Save Houston In an article on Slate last August, Jonathan M Katz writes about the Red Cross’s recurrent failure to actually help in responding to major calamities and how it actually sometimes hinders a better response.

5 Things to Know About Tennessee’s Electric Chair In an article for the AP, Erik Schelzig writes about the re-emergence of the electric chair as lethal injection drugs became scarce and alternatives were failing.

Alice Cooper Just Realized He Got a Warhol Electric Chair 40 Years Ago and Totally Forgot About It On Artnet, Eileen Kinsella writes about a forgotten gift.


Was Theodore Kaczynski the Zodiac Killer? On Unazod, Douglas Oswell lays out some possible clues that the Unabomber and the Zodiac were one and the same person.

The Fateful Journey On the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum site, Sean Ley writes about the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald in 400 feet of water on Lake Superior in 1975.

MH370 Four Years On: Until the Plane Is Found, Theories Run Wild On The Guardian, Naaman Zhou writes about some of the rival theories about what fate befell the Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared in 2014.

At Lake Tahoe, A Scuba Diver’s Body Is Recovered After 17 Years In a 2011 article in the LA Times, Bob Pool uses the sensational discovery of the intact body of a diver who died almost two decades before preserved in the cold lake to go over some of the better urban legends about the people who’ve gone missing in Lake Tahoe over the centuries.


I’m always looking for things to read. If you know an interesting article, send it to me at

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