Books Bound In Human Skin, Commercial Pot and Bad Vaudeville, Among Other Things

Flight MH370 Solves 140 Year-Old Mystery of Vanishing Ships On The Independent, Tom Barnes writes about how the survey of the Indian Ocean for the still-missing Malaysian Airlines flight accidentally discovered two ships lost in the 1870s and 80s.

How Much Do Skyscrapers Actually Move? On Gizmodo, Emily Badger writes about the surprising effects that being high up in swaying buildings has on the human mind and body.

Did JR Smith Make the Costliest Mistake In Basketball History? On The Ringer, Rodger Sherman compares the Finals Game 1 flub by JR Smith to other huge mistakes in the history of the NBA and decides that, yes indeed, it was the costliest ever.

The True Story of Medical Books Bound In Skin On Nautilus, Ian Chant writes about how some, but not most, books bound in human skin actually are bound in human skin.

The Cherry Sisters: Good or Bad? On his site, Jack El-Hai writes about a turn of the last century vaudeville act that became wildly successful for its terribleness.

Death In the Garden: Prisoner Graffiti From a Forgotten War On Medieval Graffiti, Matt Champion writes about the discovery of a painting that brought back to light a lost massacre during the Seven Years’ War.

What if ET is and AI? On Aeon, Caleb Scharf writes about the utter alienness of encountering a machine intelligence elsewhere in the universe.

Goodbye, Counterculture: What Will Happen When Weed Goes Corporate? On The Guardian, Kate Robertson writes about the dissolution between pot and art, especially music, and the lopsided racial effects that Canada’s decriminalization will have.

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